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  How To Take This Course

Here's a quick overview of the course player so you can get the most out of this course.

A. Course Progress -
Along the left side of the course player there is a menu that will display your progress through the course. If you would like to revisit topics or skip ahead in the course, this menu also allows you to quickly jump between topics.

B. Course Lesson Navigation -

At the top of the interface, you will see two buttons used to navigate through the lessons. By selecting the option to Complete and continue you will mark the current lesson as completed and advance to the next video in the course.

C. Course Content -
Most of the course is player is dedicated to presenting the course content. Be sure to scroll down and view any additional activities, links, workbooks, etc. that may be added below the video!

D. Downloads -
Steve has put together workbooks for each module. Inside you will find additional resources, activities,and thoughts related to the topics in each lesson. If you are the type to take notes as you watch the course, we've included a Notes area for you.

E. Discussions -

Continue the conversation with Steve and others by submitting your questions, comments, and ideas in the discussion box.